art projects
14 February - 31 March 2020
Ameyoko Uokusa, Tokyo

Passage Tells: Ameyoko

This work focuses on visitors from all walks of life through the ever changing streets of Tokyo. There is a small standing izakaya bar Uokusa (hang around with fish) in Ameyoko, Ueno. As you order the Music and Sake (1000 yen), the staff hands you a glass of sake and leads you into a small hidden room.

Normally we favour drinking in busy bars filled with strangers from business men in suits, night shift workers and tourists somewhere from Asia. We do not speak each other but we are in need of these anonymous strangers to make places lively.

Once you enter the room, various stories of Ameyoko visitors starts to unfold through voice recordings and a series of fragmented photos. As you listen to these anonymous stories, perhaps you begin to portray these strangers as sincere individuals who could be sitting next to you at a bar.



Organiser: Ameyoko Uokusa + Passage Tells Project
Direction: Daisuke Nakazawa
Door construction: Nobuyuki Irie and Masanori Sato
Door exterior construction and Illustration: Yukie Nagasawa