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Stories of people heading to the city

exploring since 2023

In 2021, I moved to the countryside in the northern part of Kyoto Prefecture, Ayabe, due to my wife's work. I was born and grew up in Tokyo, and I never thought I would live in the countryside. It reminds me my father who was born in Ishinomaki, Miyagi Prefecture, moved to Tokyo when he was 18 years old. How did my father come out to Tokyo from the countryside? How was his feeling to leave his hometown? During the period of high economic growth, those who came out of the city from all over Japan would have supported Japan's growth, and now it's me flowing back from the city to the countryside. I want to hear the story of people heading to the city at the time my father came out, as I cannot ask anything to my father who died when I was 22...

The Behaviour Project

exploring since 2019

This work is a performance piece that gathers the "behaviour" of people living in the city of Tokyo, Shanghai, and Seoul, together with a total of six dancers from Japan, China, and Korea as a form of an art project. Behaviour is a natural act that anyone who lives in society performs everyday. It reflects the cultural and historical context of the region in which the person was born and raised, as well as the intended mind of how a person wants to be. In other words, it can be said that behaviour is a natural performance in everyday life...

Newtown Mitake Society

exploring since 2018

New Town. The place where I was born and raised. A population town developed by developers. Everywhere, there were houses similar to a similar station, and I thought it was a boring place without history and culture. When I was 30 years old, I knew that I"&" grew up in the area where I grew up had a custom of ""Mitake"" that has been going on since the Edo period.