art projects
10 - 11 April 2021, 2 - 3 April 2022
Mori No Tenjishitsu - Wachi Wildflower Forest, Kyotanbacho, Kyoto

Returning to the Soil

At the art exhibition Exhibition in Forest (Mori no Tenjishitsu), which has been held every year since 2016 in northern Kyoto Prefecture, as one of the participating artists, he created interactive works Returning to the Soil. It looks a grave for burial dug in the ground in nature park Kyotamba area. Viewers can experience to lie in the grave. There is equipment such as speakers, sensors, and batteries are installed in the tomb, and when the viewer lies down, the sound collected in the forest and the interview voice about death are heard.

Someoneʼs death becomes more familiar than usual in Covid-19 situation. Nakazawa tried to bring the opportunity for people to think about the meaning of life and death through creating the work.

Some people feel “scary” about the experience of entering the grave firstly. But when they were put their body in the grave, getting calm and relaxed to face the death.


Organiser: Exhibition at Forest (Morino Tenjishitsu)
Artist: Daisuke Nakazawa
Construction: Chisato Ishikawa and Yukie Nagasawa