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Desiging Your Dreaming Home

How do people build their own homes? You can decide while looking at the magazine showing someone’s dream home, or you can consult with an architect to find your ideal home, but in any case, there are many factors involved in building a house such as land purchase, mortgage, budget, overall house composition, details of each room, materials and usability. In order to build a house, there are too many things to consider and judge. Even if you ask me what kind of life I want to live in the future, I don’t know. What kind of services should be provided to make life’s big event, with significantly complicated and unanswered process, a little better?

This project sought to clarify the process of building a home by visiting the clients who has experience building a house in various situations and interviewing them in detail about the process of building his house.

A man who have built their own homes four times, a couple who still have home parties with architects and other contributers, a woman who used to hate bathtub but now spend there over 1 hour everyday in her new homes, and a family who have finally built a house after 10 years of inspecting apartments and houses, and each house had their own drama. In a way that spoils each story as little as possible, it is integrated into a journey map that organises the process of building a house and examined the services that house builders could provide to customers. Some years past since then, so new services may soon be available.