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3 November 2014
Busshozan Takamatsu, Japan

Paradise Busshozan 2014

Busshozan town had developed as a town of temple in Edo era (around 450 years ago) by Matsudaira, a feudal lord of this area. We created a performing arts walk composed of texts, sounds, videos and performers. It encourages participants to walk around the town with the map and find out the memories and stories of Busshozan through our interventions. In 2014, we stayed Busshozan for three days to develop an experimental performance based on our previous fieldwork. It aims for the main production in 2015.

The performance is inspired by several interviews of current residents and local folklores about water. Participants follow the map to visit various places such as launderette, textile shop, tobacco shop, vinegar factory, cafe, shrine and hot spring. With our interventions, participants have been making sense of polyphonic images of Busshozan through various perspectives of storytelling.

This artwork was created by an artist collective Pepin Structural Designs and he took part of this project as a member from research through creation – see details on