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18 - 26 March, 6 - 15 October 2017
Shibuya Station, Tokyo

Passage Tells: Shibuya

As a third creation, Passage Tells: Shibuya is set on Shibuya Train Station, focusing on various workers in one of the busiest station in Tokyo.

The audience will listen to stories of Shibuya station sounds all collected in Shibuya gradually makes cityscape a performance of everyday life.

The audience comes to the information center, wearing headphones and walking around the train station to listen stories of station workers will guide them to see the alternative scenery in the busy passage.



Organiser: Passage Tells Project
Grant: Asahi Group Arts Foundation
Direction: Daisuke Nakazawa
Music: Mitsuhiro Kitatani
PR & Coordinator: Sakiko Wakiya
Illustration: Chiyun Yeh
Web design: Chiyun Yeh and Tsuguto Koyama
Special Thanks: Tokyu Coopration, Shibuya Underground Shopping Street Assosication, Miyamasu Community Association, Association of conservation for Myth of Tomorrow, Shibuya Mark City Tokyu, Tokyu Department Store, Moriyasu Natsume, Keisuke Ozawa, Emily Kimura, Ingrid Hu