design projects

Future Seen Through the Closet

Working at a fashion mail order company, I researched how people buy clothes and decide on coordinates. We visit the homes of several men and women, show them the contents of their closets, take pictures of their clothes one by one, and talk about them. Through clothes, a person’s clothing preferences reveal their daily lives, things that influenced them, values, lives, and various stories…

For the mail-order company, it seemed to be a very valuable experience to hear first-hand stories about how actual users use their services to purchase clothes and coordinate them every day. Of course, we were able to provide sufficient value for the work we were asked to do, but discussions arose about the possibility of new businesses beyond selling clothes. Is it possible to provide such a service that gradually changes values by thinking about daily coordination and trying new brands that you have never tried? The conversation went on and on, and I decided to give a presentation to the president.

This project made me realize that knowing things deeply can be a strong inspiration to create something new. I think that being interested and knowing things is very meaningful and valuable in itself.